Our Mission:

  • We can work with an organization’s leadership, coaching them to become better developers of their peoples’ talent.
  • We can work with high potential employees, mentoring them to reach new heights by maximizing the insights and skills that they can gain from both the work that they do as well as insights they can gain from directed learning experiences, mental flexibility they can develop through coaching and self-reflection, and guided inquiry in areas of leadership, management, and personal competency acquisition.
  • We can work with your organization’s capabilities for strategy application, collaborative thinking, teaching and the development of people to do the work of the organization.
  • We work with self-referred, ambitious people who are hungry to be coached and mentored to realize their full potential.

Our Philosophy:  We have found that small and mid-sized organizations lack the time or the resources to optimally develop the people who work for them. In our experience, the leaders of businesses, family owned companies, not-for-profits, or professional practices, while technically gifted and competent business people, are less skilled at developing talent. The focus is usually on getting today’s work done without paying as much attention to preparing their people to keep up with the needs of the organization as it grows in scope and volume.

We bring a wide variety of knowledge, skills, and experience to augment to tools of our client organizations. Working in alignment with you, we can provide the mentoring skills that can significantly increase your organization’s capability to create and deliver the value that you promise to your customers or clients.


Our Process & Fees:

Readiness Interview – A free half hour interview to determine the Mentoring Academy’s fit with the needs of the client.

Diagnostic Assessment –If there is a good fit between the client’s needs and the Academy’s offerings, a diagnostic work up is done to outline the client’s personal or organizational needs.

  • Level one: A full needs assessment for the client who is part of a larger organizational effort
  • Level two: For clients in a smaller organization
  • Level three: For the self-referred individual

Fees will range depending upon the level required

Mentoring contract- As a part of the diagnostic assessment, a second phase of our work is negotiated. This contract is offered outlining the learning plan, the responsibilities of the mentor and the mentee, and a broad learning schedule is agreed upon. Fees are set at this time. Contracts are extended on a quarterly or 6 month basis.

Clients with a quarterly contract have consultative access to their mentor up to 24 sessions a quarter.

For six month contracts, up to 36 sessions are available.

First Mentoring session: The mentoring contract time table begins with this first session with the mentor offering a specific learning plan and working the plan forward with the mentee. There will be homework and directed experiences between sessions as a natural part of the learning process.

Fees are due at the start of each contractual time frame.

Other product offerings, such as CEO training, Family business training, or building a cadre of mentors are available.

These specific can be discussed at the basic readiness consultation.

Contact us today for a conversation about how your organization can achieve new heights.