Debbie Miller, CPLC, mentor with Strategic Mentoring US

I partner with professionals and businesses to help them discover and realize their potential. After spending the past 30 years as a business professional, including the past 5 years as the CFO of a small business, I know what it takes to ensure business success. Utilizing my unique skill set and experience as a mentor, I help people gain awareness, focus vision, set goals, create wise financial plans, and develop leadership to name just a few value items. Raising these skill sets adds value to businesses by empowering their people to make effective decisions, assist with creating strategic businesses plans and ensuring long term viability of the business.

During my professional career I have been deeply involved as mentor and leader to many businesses and organizations.



  • I possess a deep passion to see people succeed in the business arena.
  •  My long term experience in the financial management field allows me to mentor businesses and people in an area that is critical to a viable endeavor.
  •  During my early career in the business field, I served as an unofficial mentor and developer of leadership skills. This role saw my colleagues begin to communicate with authenticity, work together with less conflict, and meet career goals.
  •  During my 10 year tenure with the all-volunteer Civil Air Patrol, I served in a number of leadership roles that involved working with young people and adults. These years saw me teaching and demonstrating positive leadership, mentoring both age groups, empowering people with effective communication and conflict resolution skills and other critical skills.
  •  The past 10 years in the business field, working with family owned small to medium sized companies, has offered many opportunities to mentor people. The safe relationships that are created and nurtured with the employees heighten their value to the companies. I have also been intimately involved in setting ethical, strategic, and smart policies in place.


Degrees and Certifications 

  •  Graduated with a B. S. in Business Administration from Central Michigan University.
  •  Graduated as a Certified Professional Life Coach from the Christian Coach Institute.
  •  Graduated as a Certified Disc Consultant from the Christian Coach Institute in conjunction with Uniquely You