Our Purpose: Our organization was formed so that we could add value to you, your business, and your customers, by assisting individuals and organizations to reach new heights of capability through mentoring.


Our Mission:  To help organizations identify their high potential employees, and use mentoring to build their capability in areas of leadership, management and competency.




Creating maximum efficiency among your workers means that you'll need fewer employees to get the job done as your company grows. You'll avoid the reoccurring expense of searching for and replacing employees. Experts at ZaneBenefits estimate losing a salaried employee can cost as much as two times their annual salary, especially to replace a higher level executive.

Not only will mentoring increase productivity, it will allow you to expand your business without adding more employees. This, of course, leaves you more money for growing your business via strategic planning, marketing analytics, technology, acquisition, or structural/office space, etc.

Engaging pays off. SCORE reports more than 100,000 businesses increased their revenue in 2014 thanks to its mentoring efforts. Those businesspeople with three-plus hours of mentoring not only achieved higher revenue; they experienced an increase in business growth.