Dr. Dan Elash

This questionnaire is to help you to get an overview of your organization’s needs.

You have already paid for the talent in your organization.

The question becomes, “How do you get the best return on your investment?”

Set aside 30 minutes or so to thoughtfully answer these questions, then contact us, so we can talk about where your strengths are, and what areas you’d like to improve.


How organizations gather intelligence

  • How are strategic insights and intelligence collected from line workers?
  • Does the company conduct post-mortems or after action reviews after significant initiatives?


Collaborative thinking

  • Is the leadership team or executive team decision making done as a “pick the best idea and run with it”?
  • Do you build ideas in problem solving meetings?
  • Does someone play the role of contrary thinker on your problem solving teams?


Strategic thinking

  • How are strategic imperatives rolled down into the organization or team?
  • How do you ensure that people’s work roles are aligned with strategic change initiatives
  • Do you and your executive time plan for various emerging business scenarios throughout the year?


Strategic development

  • Is the leader in the company also a teacher?
  • Are recurrent problems tackled systemically?
  • Is your successor in place? Are there successors in development for your executive team?


Influence and persuasion

  • How do you persuade people as to your way of thinking?
  • How do you people effectively influence or persuade you?
  • Do your people know their individual roles in maintaining your competitive advantage?