Just as every person prefers different learning styles and techniques, every company is going to have a dominant style or technique of solving problems and implementing new ideas. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to process information, but we can show you how to harness the individualized strengths of your employees to make your business more efficient.

Most people have a combination of personal learning styles with one style being more dominant. Others may find that they use different styles in different circumstances.

At Strategic Mentoring we can teach you to identify and develop your personnel’s ability. How well the people in your organization work together will drive your success. How well your people think together can be a real competitive advantage as it differentiates you from your competition.  It also enhances morale and builds camaraderie.

Answering these questions about your company will help you gain insight into where the strengths are as well as where there is potential for growth.


If you have a partner or a leadership team, do the assessment separately and then compare perceptions.

You will need a pencil, paper, and roughly 30 minutes to answer this assessment thoughtfully.



Learning from Mistakes:

  • When someone makes a mistake are they coached to learn what went wrong?
  • When someone gets stuck, is the tendency for the boss or manager to take over and fix the problem?

Performance Feedback:

  • Is there a constant conversation, routinely guiding performance?
  • Do workers collaborate as partners or in teams to address issues?
  • Do workers have clear performance goals and know where they stand in relation to those goals?


Strategic planning process:

  • Does the strategic plan have clearly defined benchmarked goals so that you can gauge progress?
  • Is the leadership team held accountable for implementing the plan so that everyone understands their role?

Decision Making:

  • Does the leadership team use collaborative ideas?
  • Are people empowered to make unilateral decisions on the fly?
  • How are decisions broadcast so everyone can adjust focus?

Seeking Information and New Perspectives:

  • Are employees encouraged to share information and insights with superiors?
  • Does our company encourage an environment where people are supported in learning new skills and perspectives?
  • Does the company makes a deliberate effort to learn from competitors and market changes?

Supporting Self Development:

  • Are employees given development plans to grow their skills and abilities?
  • Do we use the work of the company to develop employees’ potential?

Supporting Staff Development:

  • Does our company’s performance reviews include specific recommendations for personal improvement, and is progress  followed up?
  • Do we have a robust process of accountability within our organization?


What insights have you gained?

Have you identified areas where improvements can positively impact your success?


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