At Strategic Mentoring we are dedicated to using our teaching, coaching and mentoring skills on individuals, team groups, and organizational levels.

Peter Senge once pointed out that the one competitive advantage that can’t be bought, hired away, or duplicated by a competitor is a company’s ability for its people to think together. These are skills that can be deliberately taught, honed and practiced, although most organizations never get to the point where they tend to these skills formally. Our vision is that our engagements will end with people, teams, and indeed, entire organizations reaching new heights as they become, more sophisticated in thinking about the human side of the enterprise. To this end we offer a variety of in-house workshops and training initiatives to better prepare and empower your people.

  • High Performance Team Building Workshops: Calling a group of people who work together a team doesn’t make them one. Forming people into a team and setting them to a task does not ensure high performance. Our people bring a wide variety of business, educational, and life experiences that we blend into a hard hitting, common sense program to prepare your people to work not only as teams, but in teams capable of producing peak performance


  • Scenario Planning Workshops: Scenario planning helps you and your people to be poised to take advantage of multiple possible futures that may emerge from today’s fast changing business, social, and political environments. By being prepared to be flexible and adaptive you will be poised to quickly abandon obsolete assumptions or processes. Train your people to be proactive thinkers, capable of turning unforeseen developments into competitive advantages.


  • Brand Equity Ownership Workshops: Every organization’s brand is nothing more than its reputation in its marketplace. Does it consistently fulfill the value promise it makes to its clients or customers? Everyone who conducts a transaction in your organization’s name, with every action, either augments or diminishes the confidence that others have in your promises, and therefore the worth of your brand. We work with organizations to teach their people how to honor, protect, and consistently fulfill the promises of their brands.


  • Fierce Competitors Workshops: What makes some companies fierce competitors while others end up dying out? It isn’t dumb luck or happenstance. We can train your people on the dynamics of fierce competing. We’ll teach the fundamentals of successful competition and enable your team not only to grasp them but to execute them effectively in the service of your business.