Picking Winners- A Hiring Guide for Small and Mid-sized Businesses

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Hiring new employees is often a stressful time for the small business leader.  Each new hire can make a big difference on the effectiveness of your crew, for better or worse.  The selection process can seem to be so hit or miss.  The task is usually one where the selector doesn’t see this as his or her strong suit.  So, it’s an important task with significant ramifications, but also one that causes some anxiety.

Large corporations devote significant resources to recruiting and selecting new talent.  Most small and mid-sized businesses don’t have the luxury of doing the same.  However, there are a number of things that a savvy business leader can do, at no cost, to increase the likelihood of finding the person they need to fill the role they’re looking to fill.   This guide will show you how to improve your odds for making a good hire and it will cost you nothing beyond spending some prep time, focus, and discipline on the hiring process.


Preparing for the interview:

All employees deliver their work energy through the vehicle of their personalities.  So, who they are when they come to work can create an advantage or a series of obstacles.  Most companies hire for skills and experience and give less attention to the personalities of the people they screen.  This is because the average business person doesn’t see him or herself as skilled at assessing personality in much more than a superficial way.  However, you are probably better than you think if you just get focused and concentrate on what you see and hear during a selection process.


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